Well I am back with an update of whats going on with my December Daily preparations. You can check out my previous post and see what my goals and intentions were.

November  6 - (hopefully) have my album in
                        print out any planning sheets
                        set up files on computer 

November 15 - order any photo paper or ink I will need

                         have supplies organized 
                         precut any digital designs I might use

November 20 - have inner workings of album started

November 28 - have desk cleared and ready to go

            charge camera battery 

You can see I am making progress. I have completed my tasks from the first deadline, and I am working on cutting out any digital designs I will be using this week. I don't plan on using many digital cuts so I hope I can get them all cut out while watching some television tonight.

To be honest, I am running a few days behind. I have been sick with pneumonia and then have taken two separate trips to San Antonio for my son's State competitions this month. Add in a mother in law who has been hospitalized, and well, you can see where the time went.

Today I wanted to share how I am setting up my supplies. I have gathered the items from my stash that I knew I wanted to include and corralled them into a fabric basket and also a vintage wooden tray. Please excuse the reflection from the glass top of my work table. It makes taking photos hard! 

This is an overview of my supplies. You can see the polka dot box that I have filled with supplies as well as the red wooden tray that I will be using. The green wooden box is not necessarily part of my supplies - normally my photo printer sits on top of it. You can also see the white album that I will be using. It is available here. (Note: there will be a sticker on the front of your album cover. I used UnDu to safely remove mine. Others have tried pulling off the sticker and ended up ruining their album. Use caution.)

This is a close up of my red vintage tray. In it I store labels, washi tape, metal bits, wooden numbers (in the back) and other bits and pieces. I also include my 3x4 cards here as well. Mainly small things that I might want to grab later on in the month.

Here you can see the red top shakers I am using to store my sequins. The shakers were a vintage find and they work so well at holding the small sequins. I simply unscrew the top and shake out how many sequins I would like. 

Inside the polka dot box I have this metal tin. I store all Christmas related die-cuts here.  I love sifting through trying to find the right piece for my pages. 

I also have a jar (from the Target Dollar-Spot) that has coordinating ribbon to use. 

Most wooden bits are kept in this little Tim Holtz storage tin - initially designed for holding stamp pads, but is perfect for all my little wooden Christmas bits. My rules is that when the tin is full, I have to quit collecting wooden bits. You can find the tin here

The last photo I want to share is the two recycled boxes that I use to contain my paper goodies. The small red box is a box that a Starbucks coffee cup came in. In it, I hold all the 6x8 papers, envelopes, bags, etc that I might want to include. 

The white box was found when I finished up writing thank-you cards one evening. It used to hold the notecards that I finished using.  The box was going to be thrown away but luckily I thought to grab it. It is the perfect size for holding enamel dots, stickers and other paper embellishments that are a bit bulkier than just a plain diecut. 

I don't have a photo of just this, but I also have two embossing powders, and a roll of Christmas themed masking tape in the fabric basket. You can see the powders in the top photo (blue ziplock containers) as well as the Christmas masking tape.

Thats it. One fabric basket and one wooden tray. My goal is to try and limit myself to what I have here. Will this happen? To be honest?  I don't know. I do know, though, that I work better with a limited amount of things to choose from. So we will see. 

How are you doing on preparing for December to get here? Is your album ready to go? 

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