Week In The Life

Ali Edwards is hosting a new round of Week In The Life, and I am in. Today thru Sunday, May 15 I will be documents my entire week. The good, the boring and mundane.

I actually had to think long and hard about joining in this year. It's a busy time of year right now. Banquets and Dr Appointments. Working out. Piles of laundry needing tended to. Mothers Day.

But then I had a second thought: yes, I am busy but this 'season' of life won't be lasting much longer. My boys are growing up and will be moving on to their own futures in a short time. Things can change at the blink of an eye, and well, my story RIGHT NOW matters.

My story most likely won't be glamorous. But it matters. 
My story probably won't be all that exciting, really. But it matters. 
Things that are happening right now in my life may never happen again. And they matter. 

Ali offered a new WITL kit for purchase this year but I am choosing to work with her kit from 2015 (that I never got around to using). I will be adding in pattern papers I love, perhaps using other things from my stash. I won't be purchasing anything new to use this year other than photo paper and maybe some digital files. But thats it. 

In fact, I won't be doing much in the way of 'prework' (compared to what I did for December Daily). My plan (if you can even call it that) is too simply take photos and keep a running log on my phone of my day. Print my photos at the end of each day. So I am not overwhelmed, I am aiming for about 5 photos for each day. Maybe more, but probably less.

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