Project Life Freebies Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of Project Life Freebies.

I am glad you are here! :)

Let's get to the goods, shall we?

The fine print: This list is in no-way all inclusive. I have tried to check all the links I have included to verify they are truly free but in the case I missed one, let me know so I can delete it from my list! Also, this will be a 'running' list of sorts. My plan is to have a freebie post every week to showcase other, new freebies that I have found. Also, go leave these creative people some love & thank them for the freebies. They worked hard to create these & unselfishly give them out for free. Oh, and these are not for resell or copying. And, as always, give the creator of the wonderful stuff you download credit.

1. Splendidly Imperfect has shared these sweet journal cards. Love the color scheme!

2. Simple Brighton created these journal cards with journal lines for those of us who have a hard time writing in a straight line. I ADORE THEM. Yes, I do. And you will too!

3. How cute are these? So cheery and happy. One Velvet Morning made these and are super sweet! You can pick up this card while you are there.

Well, friends. That's what I have today. You can check out other weeks and other Project Life Freebies  here, here, and here. Please, if you find thses downloads helpful, become a follower of my blog (see my sidebar!) and leave me a note in my comments! ! If you have some that are free, link them in the comments and I will share them as well! 

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